Ann Curry rescued by Boy Scouts after breaking leg on hike

We’ll let Ann Curry’s tweet begin the story here: “If you break a leg on on a mountain, I hope Boy Scout Troop 368 finds you. Boy am I glad they found me.”

The story of the NBC journalist’s rescue while on a hike last month just became public in a recent edition of



Curry and her family were hiking on New York’s Bear Mountain on April 5 when she broke her leg. When the scouts found her they fashioned a splint and stretcher and carried her down the mountain.

The boys, from Berkeley Heights, N.J., did not know the identify of the woman they rescued until one of their adult leaders told them later. Boy were they impressed.

When they came upon her on the trail she was sitting on the ground, according to the magazine story. Her family had carried her down the forested trail as far as they could.

One of the boys asked Curry if she was alright.

“No, not really,” she said. “I think I broke my ankle.”

That’s when the boys sprang into action because, of course, that’s what scouts do. Some of them headed off into the forest to find wood to make a splint.

Then they made a makeshift stretcher by tying a tarp to two poles. Eight of them carefully carried Curry on the stretcher down the rocky, steep terrain.

“We were just doing what Boy Scouts do,” a modest Chris Tribuna, 17, one of the crew leaders, told the

New York Daily News


They carried her to the trailhead where Curry’s husband helped get her into the car and off they went to the hospital.

Scouting magazine reports that shortly after the two drove off, a pair of forest rangers arrived, asking: “Is there somebody up there who needs rescuing?”

Curry recently sent each of the scouts a letter of thanks.

“Your skill and professionalism were a great comfort to me,” she wrote. “I feel enormously lucky you came along at just the right moment, and were so willing to help a stranger in need.”

Give those boys some badges.