Rebecca Grant adjusts her breasts on TV, becomes Internet sensation

One minute a woman is fluffing her chest and hair on national TV, the next she’s a viral sensation. At least that’s how Rebecca Grant has won her 15 minutes of fame.

Until Saturday night Grant was a “relatively unknown TV sports personality who calls herself a “sexy NFL hostess,’” notes London’s

Daily Mail


She was at Game 7 of the Clippers/Warriors series on Saturday night, standing behind Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan on the TNT broadcast, when she was caught adjusting her cleavage during a particularly tense moment in the fourth quarter.

It became the clutch play seen ‘round the world.

She later said she didn’t realize she was on camera, which is very suspect.

The New York Daily News

reports that the Buffalo native has done hosting work for FOX and ESPN2 and lists both TV and movie acting on her resume.

Kind of sounds like someone who would be very aware of the camera.

It didn’t take her long to retweet a Vine video of her grab-and-fluff, which has now been posted to every sports website on the planet.

“LMFAO,” she tweeted. “This is honestly the funniest thing I have ever seen! Every single person is animated. Had no idea I was on.”

The next day she tweeted a thanks to “#ClipperNation for naming me #QueenOfLAClippers.”

Watch the Vine video