KC firefighter Steve Michaels spins - and wins? - on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

KC firefighter Steve Michaels, a long-time fan of “Wheel of Fortune,” finally gets his shot at the wheel in a show that airs on Thursday. Did he win?

Guess we’ll have to watch. The show airs at 6:30 p.m. on Fox 4.

Sure to be watching will be his fellow firefighters at Station No. 3 in the Northland, where Michaels works on Truck 4. They know how good their colleague is at solving puzzles because they’ve watched the show with him at the station.

He’s been watching “Wheel of Fortune” since he was a young boy. But nothing, he says, prepared him for being on that set in Culver City, California on Feb. 27, when he taped the show.

The letter board was



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And check it out. Vanna White in street clothes!

“It was very surreal,” says Michaels, 34, whose wife, father, brother and aunt were in the audience that day. “I mean, I can’t believe I’m there, I can’t believe this is happening. Obviously I couldn’t sleep the night before.

“The whole experience was very humbling. It’s much harder when you’re there than when you’re sitting in your living room on your couch.”

Irony of ironies: One of the other two contestants was a woman from Blue Springs.

He competes during the show’s “Wheel 6000 Week,” a week-long celebration marking the show’s 6,000th episode.

There ought to be a prize for that, right?

“I was on ‘Wheel of Fortune,’” says Michaels. “No matter what I did or didn’t win, you can’t take away the fact that I was on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’

“Now later down the road, later in life, when I have children and we watch it as a family, that’s what people are going to care about.”

Well, sure. But a win would be nice, too, for such a valiant effort.