Walmart heiress Paige Laurie Dubbert’s new arena: divorce court

Well look who’s back in the news.

Ten years after having her name ripped from a new arena at Mizzou, Walmart heiress Paige Laurie Dubbert is making new headlines with her divorce.

TMZ reports that Paige has filed for divorce from her husband of nearly six years, Patrick Bode Dubbert, the guy she married in a super-secret wedding in Columbia in June 2008.

She’s divorcing him over irreconcilable differences.

Translation: She’s hoppin’ mad.

A civil lawsuit she also filed accuses him of taking thousands of dollars out of a retail center in Malibu they operated.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit alleges that Patrick convinced Paige to let him hire a friend as co-manager, then the two men made themselves general contractors and paid themselves $70,000 a month.

She charges that Patrick also paid himself $250,000 a year to manage the project on top of other fees.

A twist to all this: She’s agreed to pay him spousal support under their prenup.

Paige became infamous in these parts in 2004 when the University of Missouri named its new arena after her when her parents, Bill Laurie and Nancy Walton Laurie, donated $25 million toward the $75 million arena's construction.

Nancy Laurie is the daughter of the late Bud Walton, co-founder of Walmart.

The move infuriated Mizzou fans, like the one alumnus who called the move “dad buying the biggest dollhouse.”

Paige Sports Arena wasn’t meant to be, though. Paige’s former roommate at the University of Southern California – yep, she didn’t even go to Missouri – told ABC’s “20/20” that Paige paid her about $20,000 over 3 1/2 years to write papers and do college assignments for her.

Once the story broke, Paige’s parents agreed to let the school rename the arena, the building now known as Mizzou Arena. In 2005 Paige also voluntarily surrendered her USC communication degree.

So much scandal, which possibly explains why everyone who worked her over-the-top celebrity wedding a few years later reportedly had to sign a confidentiality agreement pledging not to discuss the affair publicly.

According to the

Shabina Says So blog

, the ceremony took place at the Laurie home in Columbia. Celebrity wedding guru Colin Cowie, who brought in vendors from both coasts, set up two tents – one for the wedding that was made to look like a cathedral, the other for the reception with velvet walls and fabric ceilings. A chandelier above the dance floor was later replaced by disco balls for dancing.

Paige wore two wedding gowns, one by Carolina Herrera, the other a “nightclub dress” designed by Jenny Packham.

Six hundred guests attended. A midnight fireworks display started an official after-party that reportedly lasted until 6 a.m.

Stargazing wonders who gets custody of the wedding photos.

And one more thing. Turns out that Paige isn’t done with her “naming” issues.

TMZ reports that she wants to change her name back to Elizabeth Paige Laurie.