Hipster Barbie is the latest Instagram account you need to follow

Hipster Barbie lives the kind of life we could only dream about.
Hipster Barbie lives the kind of life we could only dream about. Instagram

Fedoras, thick-rimmed glasses and enough beanies for a small town in Alaska mean one thing: Barbie’s got a new look.

You can refer to her as “hipster Barbie,” and no, she doesn’t come with a bearded Ken in flannel.

Instead, hipster Barbie showcases her scenic adventures on Instagram under the name Socality Barbie.

(To be clear, hipster Barbie is not an actual product sold on shelves. Moving on.)

Socality Barbie, who has more than 91,000 followers, is the brainchild of an Oregon photographer who was tired of all the “authentic” posts from 20-somethings on Instagram.

“I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?’” the photographer, who told Wired she wanted to remain anonymous, said.

The exotic locations and luxurious lifestyles were too much for her to take.

“I get it, it’s pretty to look at,” she said. “But it’s so dishonest. Nobody actually lives like this. And it’s so overdone that it’s becoming boring.”

Hipster Barbie’s creator typically makes her clothes and accessories, and most of the locations in the photos are real.

We’ll take Socality Barbie over another Kardashian selfie any day.