Paul Rudd lookalike helps thwart gay-bashing bully at Dallas airport

Is that Paul Rudd subduing that crazed gay-basher? Nope.
Is that Paul Rudd subduing that crazed gay-basher? Nope.

Wow, for a while there it looked like Kansas City’s Paul Rudd might have become some kind of national hero.

Last week a YouTube video emerged of a violent, crazed guy at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport physically and verbally attacking another man he thought was gay.

The video of the disturbing attack, and the nasty gay-basher being subdued by a crowd of people, quickly went viral after it was posted on Oct. 23.

And then, lo, someone freeze-framed the video and thought they saw Rudd in the quick-acting group of Good Samaritans.

See it above? That guy does look like Rudd, doesn’t he?

The rumor started circulating around social media and numerous websites. Someone swore they had seen Rudd wearing those very clothes that day!

The rumors even inspired a Twitter hashtag: #PaulRuddSavesLives.

Alas, the actor’s publicist told Vanity Fair that Rudd was nowhere near the chaotic scene.

But hey, the Big Slick charity organizer is always a hero to us.