Eric Stonestreet faux-chokes Rob Lowe on behalf of Royals fans

Look who met up in San Francisco on Sunday.
Look who met up in San Francisco on Sunday. Twitter

It’s OK to like Rob Lowe again after Kansas City’s Eric Stonestreet put his hands around the actor’s throat at Game 5 of the World Series.

But the guys were just messin’ around.

Lowe has been on Kansas City’s poop list since the first game of the Series last week.

The former “St. Elmo’s Fire” hottie mocked the Royals on Twitter after their loss with several zingers including this: “The big stage is the big stage. The spotlight ain't for everyone.”

And no, Royals fans didn’t take it lying down, firing back everything short of death threats.

Lowe himself went into radio silence and all but disappeared from Twitter until Sunday, when he couldn’t control his enthusiasm over being at the game in San Francisco with family.

And lo, Stonestreet was there, too.

“I ran into @RobLowe and I shook throats with him,” the “Modern Family” star tweeted. “It's all good now. He's a nice fella.”