Getting married on World Series day: These brides are good sports

Derek Tate and Abby Smith of Kansas City.
Derek Tate and Abby Smith of Kansas City. Abby Smith

There are some things a bride can plan for – rain, a shy flower girl, a broken shoe heel.

But what do you do if, by a stroke of extraordinary luck, you end up getting married on the very day your team is playing in the World Series?

The first thing John Graves did? He called Cider Gallery in Lawrence and made sure the Royals game could be shown on the TVs in the bar, since his wedding reception on Saturday night coincides with the game.

“We didn’t plan on that ever happening, really,” said Graves, 28. “We live in Lawrence and most of our friends work in the bar and restaurant industry and we were planning around KU football. It’s a bye week for KU, so it worked for that.”

Graves is marrying Amanda Sloan at St. John’s Catholic Church in Lawrence. They’re both pros at making guests feeling welcome. She’s the general manager of the new BurgerFi in Lawrence; he’s the food and beverage manager at Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway.

The bride is taking everything in stride. She wasn’t even mad that her hubby-to-be was trying to get the game shown on a giant projection screen near the dance floor.

“It’s totally not on my priority list but I know it’s more important to some people,” said Sloan, 27. “There will be about 250 people and about 100 will be guys ... and some of them will be friends he hasn’t seen in months.

“He’s done everything he can to make me happy and make everything go smooth for me. I couldn’t care less if there’s a baseball game on.”

Abby Smith, a 26-year-old dental hygienist in Kansas City, is also getting married Saturday in Lawrence.

“When they won the wild card game my fiance was ... ‘OK, this is going to happen. We’re going to embrace it,’” said Smith, who is marrying Derek Tate, 34.

So the TVs in the bar areas of the ballroom at The Oread hotel will be turned to the game. And Smith changed the decorative uplighting for the dance floor to Royals blue. If she’d had more time she would have added some blue sweets to the do-it-yourself candy bar set up for guests.

She’s also willing to pay the D.J. extra in case guests want to linger should the Royals beat the Giants in Game 4.

It’s the least she can do, after all.

One of the groomsmen gave up a ticket to the game in San Francisco to be with them on their big day.

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