Royals perks: Playboy bunny greetings and beauty queen fans

Playboy tweeted congratulations to the Royals on Wednesday night.
Playboy tweeted congratulations to the Royals on Wednesday night. Twitter

Oh the perks of playing in the biggest game in baseball. Kansas City Royals players have two new beautiful women in their corner.

On Wednesday night, after the Royals tied up the World Series in Game 2, Playboy, of all people, tweeted a hearty congratulations to the team along with a photo of Playboy bunny Jessa Hinton semi-decked out in Royals blue.

(Full disclosure: Playboy sent out a similar congrats to the Giants when they won Game 1. But we think Jessa looks better in blue than orange.)

And, Joe Kinsey at has been playing online matchmaker online for Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer.

Seems that Joe knows Mabelynn Capeluj, Miss California USA 2013, who let it be known on Twitter that she thinks Eric is date-worthy.

What’s so great about Hosmer, Joe asked the beauty queen on Twitter.

“I’m a sucker for cuties with facial hair,” she tweeted back.

So would you go out on a date with him after the World Series, Joe asked, pushing the issue?

Yes, if he asks, she answered.

Royals fans know what Eric brings to the table. But what about Mabelynn?

From the Miss Universe website we learn that beach-lovin’ Mabelynn is 23, was born and raised in San Diego, is studying broadcast journalism at Chapman University and wants to be an entertainment reporter for E! someday.

She is also a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation, a cause close to her heart since she was diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune disease when she was 16.

“You know how this goes: One thing will lead to another and someone from the Royals will show this post to Hosmer, he’ll laugh about it and then follow Mabelynn @MabelynnCapeluj by Thursday night and have a date scheduled for early November,” Kinsey wrote.

I’ll show you my crown if you show me yours.