Rob Lowe is Kansas City’s new nemesis after World Series tweet

Rob Lowe learned a valuable lesson Tuesday night. Kansas City Royals fans are good-natured folks until someone takes a pot shot at their team.

The former “St. Elmo’s Fire” hottie got schooled after mocking the Royals on Twitter with this tweet early in Game 1, which the Royals lost: “The big stage is the big stage. The spotlight ain't for everyone. #Royals #WorldSeriesGame1.”

Now, we know that many things can get lost in translation in the 140-character confines of a tweet. But that seemed just a little mean and patronizing to some fans, who quickly fired back.

From ‏@cupcakesarenice: “WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN.”

From @LHdzBrown: “@RobLowe screw you! old man u were born before all these guys! #goroyals.”

Lowe retweeted that one and added another zinger: “True. I remember Brett's hemorrhoid ad.”

And when someone else reminded him that “one game doesn’t make a champion,” Lowe snarked: “I hear ya bro. Lotta ball left. #PineTarForever”

Which explains this blunt tweet tossed his way: “Hey Rob Lowe f*** you.”

Lowe seemed to realize he’d stepped in it when he later tweeted: “Last tweet from “Creepy” me. He's a #Giants fan. #WorldSeriesGame1,” a reference to his DirecTV commercials where he appears as an ugly guy who uses cable.

Stargazing thinks Lowe was just still light-headed after losing all that blood in a surfing accident over the weekend.