Tanner Tolbert of KC is the voice of reason, and love, on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Once again, Tanner and Jade stayed out of the drama on Sunday’s “Bachelor in Paradise.”
Once again, Tanner and Jade stayed out of the drama on Sunday’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” ABC

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong for couples on “Bachelor in Paradise,” it seems — except for Tanner Tolbert of Kansas City and Jade Roper.

While many of the show’s couples expressed doubts about their relationship status in Sunday’s episode, Tanner and Jade once again stayed out of the drama. The two had only a few minutes of airtime together — most of which was spent kissing in a pool.

“I feel like these are feelings that are on the road to feeling in love,” said Jade, who lives in Los Angeles. “I could see myself falling in love with Tanner.”

The two hit it off in the first episode and have been a couple on air ever since. The show, filmed in Mexico, features former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants who are looking for a second chance at love. It airs at 7 p.m. Sundays and Mondays on ABC.

Tanner also served as the Greek chorus among all of the drama surrounding Joe. The show’s villain went on a date with new contestant Samantha, despite receiving a rose from Juelia and saying he had feelings for her the night before. Tanner revealed that Joe had told him he talked to Samantha before coming onto the show. Joe used Juelia to stay on the show until Samantha arrived.

(Quick aside: Joe and Samantha’s first date was a People magazine photo shoot for the upcoming Hottest Bodies issues. Joe — who has a “dad bod” — made out with Samantha in a shower in front of an entire camera crew, making it one of the top five most unromantic moments of the season so far.)

Tanner said what we were all thinking: Messing with someone like Juelia, a widow who has a toddler, is always a no-no.

And it looks like in Monday’s episode Tanner will continue to serve as the show’s moral compass and go-to commentator. Check out the preview to the next episode below.