Stargazing | Love still in bloom for Orlando; Barbra would rather pet the dog

Love still blooms

Bad news for all you

Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr

, a Victoria’s Secret model.

The buzz began when Miranda was spotted at a party in New York with that well-known collector of beautiful women,

Leonardo DiCaprio

. That, coupled with the fact that Orlando and Miranda hadn’t been photographed together recently, started a lot of talk.

But an insider close to the two tells Hollyscoop that Leo is a close friend of both Orlando and Miranda, and the break-up rumors are laughable.

The reason the two haven’t been seen together recently is that “Orlando and Miranda were working on opposite sides of the world from each other,” the source says. “She was in New York doing various campaigns, and he was in South Africa filming ‘Zooloo.’ They were apart for at least a month.”

She’d rather pet the dog

As you watch

Barbra Streisand Seth Rogen

, keep this in mind: She would have preferred staying home with the dog than acting in the movie, which she wrote and directed.

“I like not to be bothered,” she said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. “I like to look at the ocean and swim in my pool and play with my dog and see my son.”

In the movie, Barbra plays a mom who goes on a cross-country road trip with her son, played by Seth. After more than a year of turning down the lead role, she said she’d do it if the producers met her, uh, conditions: Weekends off, no call times before 8:30 a.m., and could they shoot in a warehouse close to her Malibu home instead of on a proper sound stage?

“I get a little carsick sometimes, so I didn’t want to schlep to Paramount, which is an hour and a half to two hours that time of the morning,” she said. “So if you rent a warehouse and built the sets — it’s ridiculous what I was asking.”

The bad news for her, but good news for her fans: The producers said yes.

Heigl loves dogs, too

Seems like animal advocate

Katherine Heigl

might have reached her limit when it comes to the number of unloved dogs she’s willing to take in. The magic number? Seven.

“I really love these dogs, but it’s a lot with two kids,” she joked to People about her seven furry friends.

She already owned three schnauzers when she became aware of canine overpopulation problems in Los Angeles, and soon she started rescuing pups.

“The first dog I rescued was my dog Piper, who is pretty much the most amazing dog on the planet,” she says. “It was a chance thing. I was walking down the street in my neighborhood and there was a woman with these two beautiful puppies that had been rescued from somebody’s backyard. I just thought, ‘This dog is beautiful, and I can take another dog,’ and so I did, and then the train started rolling.”

More ‘Grey’s’ family news

Meanwhile, Katherine’s former “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star

Patrick Dempsey

looks all buff and purr-ty on the cover of the latest Bicycling magazine.

“Psychologically, getting back on the bike really helped me. It was hard to weather the success of ‘Grey’s,’ but I found I could go for a ride and get centered,” he tells the mag.

“Cycling also taught me a lot about managing discomfort. When you leave your comfort zone, you learn how to manage your emotions and to stay focused.”

And what helps him on this healthy quest? Baby smooth legs and an empty bed.

“Yes, leg shaving has done wonders for my riding; now that I’m celibate it’s easier to focus on my training plans,” he says. “Seriously, I want to ride a century; that’s my goal. My longest ride so far is 75 miles.”