Stargazing | Kristen Stewart missing from perfume ad; Barbra’s big heart

Where’s Kristen?

The ad for Balenciaga’s new fragrance just debuted, and it’s missing one important thing: the spokesmodel.

So where is

Kristen Stewart


You can’t really blame people for thinking that something is amiss, given the fallout after she admitted cheating on boyfriend

Robert Pattinson Rupert Sanders


She has been lying kind of low recently, even backing out of the press tour for her new movie, “On the Road.” And now this?

Kristen sounded so excited about the campaign last month, when she revealed that she doesn’t even wear perfume but wanted to work with the Spanish fashion house because it was “just cool.”

She wore a floral Balenciaga dress — hands in pockets, trademark glum look on her face — for one advertisement, unveiled last month. But the ad released just days ago shows the perfume, but no Kristen. Something smells.

Babs hearts Cedars Barbra Streisand

is such an overachiever.

She set out to raise $20 million for the cardiovascular program at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. But hospital officials tell The Hollywood Reporter that she has raised more than $22 million and donated $10 million of her own money to boot.

In June, the hospital renamed its program the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center.

It sounds like she called every deep-pocketed power player in her address book, securing donations from the likes of

Ralph Lauren Diane von Furstenberg Sumner Redstone Barry Diller Michael Bloomberg

to kick in $1 million.

She also held a fundraiser at her Malibu home on June 15, where she sang for couples who paid as much as $100,000 to attend.

We’ll be seeing more of her this fall when she kicks off a concert tour and appears in the

Seth Rogen

comedy “Guilt Trip” that she’s executive producing. It will be her first onscreen appearance since “Little Fockers” in 2010.

Stephen to the rescue

A real-life drama for

Stephen Baldwin

He was dining with his publicist last week at New York City’s Peninsula Hotel when they heard a loud noise coming from the other side of the room.

“All of a sudden every head turned,” Stephen recounted to the New York Daily News. “It was this girl, fallen on the floor.”

Stephen, who grew up with an epileptic family member, recognized that the girl was having a seizure. Stephen rushed to the girl.

“I held her hand and said a few prayers,” he said. The seizure lasted for about three minutes before she came to.

“She started going, ‘Where am I? What happened?’ And then I asked, ‘Do you have epilepsy?’ and she said, ‘Yes.’ Then she started crying,” Stephen said. A nurse eventually arrived on the scene and helped the girl recover.

Stop asking!

French Elle, talking to

Vanessa Paradis Johnny Depp


Bad move.

“I don’t want to talk about him,” she protested. “Who said that artists should sell their soul, expose everything about themselves?”

“What’s happened to us is our concern.”

But later she got all philosophical about this thing called love.

“I don’t have the recipe for happiness, but I think the engine is simply having the desire,” she said. “It’s not feeling obliged or forced or repeating yourself. I hate, for example, whenever you hear someone say: ‘You have to work at being a couple,’ No, you have to want to be there. And for me, I want to be right where I am right now.”

Where she is right now is dividing her time between the United States and her native France. The couple’s children,

Lily-Rose Jack