Stargazing | Mom talks about Michael Phelps’ ADHD; ‘Hunger Games’ gets deluxe treatment

Mama’s words of wisdom

In all the interviews

Michael Phelps Debbie

, has given, we’d never heard her speak of his ADHD until her recent interview with

“We had to keep him structured,” she said of his childhood. “As long as he was on a schedule, he was great. We also used a task chart, where you had to get all these things accomplished before you were able to do other things.

“I always made sure that when he got home from school that he got something to eat and that he went outside for a certain amount of time to be able to relieve some of that energy before he did his homework and before he went to swim practice.”

She hopes that her golden son can relax now that his competition days are over. “I think he’s going to enjoy himself these next couple of years and just unwind,” she told US magazine.

Break open the piggy bank

Target is going upscale for the release of the DVD and Blu-ray versions of “The Hunger Games.”

For $999, you can buy a 14-karat-gold replica of Katniss’ Mockingjay pin. You can also own a replica of her leather hunting jacket ($349) and a $699 lithograph autographed by 10 “Hunger Games” actors, including

J ennifer Lawrence Liam Hemsworth


Only 100 of the jackets and lithographs will go on sale Aug. 18. The pins hit shelves Aug. 20, the day before the DVD release.

Yeah, that’s a lot of bread. But Target will also sell a lot of other “Hunger” stuff — jewelry, picture frames, etc. — for $6.99 to $37.99.

Meryl’s owie

Cue the jokes of “Didn’t she learn anything from playing

Julia Child


Meryl Streep

, out and about in New York City this week promoting her new movie, “Hope Springs,” sported a bandage on her left hand. Turns out the Oscar winner sliced open her hand while cutting an avocado. Surgery followed.

We’d vote for him

So we’re not the only ones who think that Election Day turnouts would be way higher if we could vote on the weekends. Talking with Moviefone about his movie “The Campaign,” opening Friday,

Will Ferrell

says as much, too.

“Voter turnout last time was, like, 60 percent, and (the media was) like, ‘Record turnout!’ Really? Sixty percent?” he said. “It’s so crazy that neither side would (say), ‘Let’s move Election Day to a weekend.’ ... No one wakes up and goes, ‘We should probably change that.’ But no, everyone’s cool with it. Anyway, I don’t know I got off track ...”