Stargazing | Name that celebrity; an Osmond at the police academy

Name that celebrity

As dedicated Stargazers, you’re savvy about all things Hollywood. So you know that many celebrities have changed their names. But would you recognize their birth names?

We’ve got a little test for you today. (A tip of the hat to Fox News for the idea.)

Match the celebs with their birth names. The answers are at the bottom.

No peeking.

1. Saul Hudson

2. Alecia Beth Moore

3. Anna Mae Bullock

4. Eric Marlon Bishop

5. Olivia Jane Cockburn

6. Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

7. Katy Hudson

8. Eileen Regina Edwards

9. Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra

10. Clayton Grissom


Olivia Wilde


Clay Aiken


Tina Turner


Shania Twain






Meg Ryan


Katy Perry




Jamie Foxx Marie’s happy news Marie Osmond

is one proud mama these days, and she’s letting the world know via Twitter.

“So proud of my oldest daughter, Jes. She just passed her police officer certification tests for emergency medical and defensive tactic training. All 5 feet of her! Love it.”

This is big news for

Jessica Brian Blosil Rachael

posted X-rated messages about themselves on the Internet, a great embarrassment for their devout Mormon mom.

Jessica has also struggled with drug abuse, as did her brother,


, who killed himself two years ago by jumping off the roof of his LA apartment building. “Jessica turned her life around not just for herself, but also for her brother’s memory,” says a source.

Marie, by the way, is working on the fall debut of her talk show for the Hallmark Channel.

New mommy blog

Hard for some of us to think of

Jenna von Oy blogging @JennavonOy


Jenna lives in Nashville with her computer data consultant husband,

Brad Bratcher, Gray Audrey


Some of Jenna’s recent blog entries:

• “People will rain on your parade and insist on informing you that every time your newborn smiles, it’s because she has gas. (Whether or not this is technically true, indulge me by letting me think she’s happy to be looking at me. It lights up my day, even if it is also lighting up her britches.)”

• “Staring at your own child is addicting. Even the high drama of ‘Downton Abbey’ takes a back seat to watching my daughter do nothing but sleep.”

• “Cutting my child’s fingernails for the first time was virtually equivalent to walking a high wire with no net while on stilts with wheels. The world needs roving baby manicurists to take the pressure off of those of us who are exceedingly wimpy.”

• “There just aren’t enough variations of the words “I love you” and “You’re beautiful” in the dictionary I’m thinking of inventing my own dialect so I can supplement my vocabulary. As it stands, my daughter is likely to know those phrases in every language but Klingon.”

Stripping — it pays

Thanks to taking off her clothes, making a porn video and several other XXX pursuits,

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman

no longer needs welfare for her 14 kids, reports TMZ.

Uh, congratulations?

Quiz Answers

1. e.

2. f.

3. c.

4. j.

5. a.

6. i.

7. h.

8. d.

9. g.

10. b.