Stargazing | A very Bond Olympics and a pocketbook apology

A very Bond Olympics

James Bond will open the Summer Olympics in London.

Working with

Danny Boyle Daniel Craig
Queen Elizabeth II

— yep, the Queen — have made a short film called “The Arrival” in which 007 visits Buckingham Palace to receive his instructions for his latest mission, to open the 2012 games. The film crew was given “unprecedented access” to the Queen’s private rooms and the palace for the piece.

Pocketbook apology

Chanel designer

Karl Lagerfeld

“too fat” in a magazine article earlier this year. Now, he’s apologized by sending her a “collection of Chanel bags worth a fortune,” reports London’s The Sun.

He can call us fat anytime he wants.

Meet the new Beatles? Paul McCartney’
James John Lennon Sean George Harrison Dhani Ringo Starr Zak

wants to do,” James says.

Take a bite out of Tim

New York’s famous Carnegie Deli has named a sandwich after Tim Tebow. The Jet Bow is 4 pounds of pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise piled high on white bread.

“Seventy-five years, we’ve always made sandwiches on rye bread,” Carnegie’s Sandy Levine told CBS. “This time, we put it on white bread and we used mayonnaise, not mustard. This is sacrosanct in delis, but we realize who Tim Tebow is. He’s an outstanding citizen. He’s the all-American boy.”

The sandwich costs $22.22. Good thing it wasn’t $6.66.

The devil’s in the details

Not that you would notice, but

James Cameron

made an adjustment in the 3-D version of “Titanic,” hitting theaters this week.


Neil deGrasse Tyson

urged him to fix the position of the stars in the sky during the big sinking scene.

“So I said, ‘All right, you son of a @*!, send me the right stars for the exact time, 4:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912, and I’ll put it in the movie,’ ” James says. “So that’s the one shot that has been changed.”