Stargazing | Perfectly Patton praised for 'Young Adult' performance

Patton Oswalt

: Academy Award-winner?


The nation’s remaining movie critics are murmuring that the brilliant comedian’s performance in

“Young Adult”

is Oscar-worthy.

Oswalt plays a man fresh out of a coma, whose most recent memories are of high school, a time that culminated in being beaten half to death by a group of jocks. The film features the reteaming of “Juno” director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody.

“The script was so complicated and so nuanced,” Oswalt told

the Daily Beast

. “It isn’t even a walk across a tightrope. It’s a drunken run across a tightrope. And because I saw all that, I got very intimidated and said I better study up on this and make sure I’m prepared.”

At a recent screening for the film, Oswalt brought friends, family and a collection of his favorite Tweeters.

Shelby Fero

was here. An 18-year-old girl — brilliant,” he said. “She’s going to be

Tina Fey,

and she is a huge part of the whole nerd movement.

Kelly Oxford, Jenny Johnson hi5, Rob Delaney, Megan Amram

. It is almost like the Paris expat scheme, but for shut-ins. The Movable Feast now is all done on Twitter.”

Changing the ‘Future’

You may remember

Melora Hardin


Steve Carrell

’s more-than-a-little-nuts boss/girlfriend in early episodes of “The Office.” We learned this week that Hardin almost played Marty McFly’s girlfriend in “Back to the Future.”

Longtime Stargazing readers also will remember that Marty originally was to be played by

Eric Stoltz


“I just remember getting a phone call in my parents’ kitchen,

Bob Gale


(Robert) Zemeckis

both called me,” Hardin tells

Wired magazine

. “They said, ‘Unfortunately we had to let Eric go and we think you’re too tall for the new guy we cast. His name is

Michael J. Fox

, but you’ll be towering over him. This has nothing to do with you, we think you’re lovely.’ I burst into tears.”

Unsound check

NBC is now checking the songs

the Roots

play on “Late Night” after the band performed an off-color song during Michele Bachmann’s show appearance last month.

“They promise not to step on my toes or that type of thing,” says drummer/leader


, “but they definitely want to know the title of the song, the subject matter of the song, can it be seen as an insult.”.

Believe the hype?

While shilling for “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,”

Robert Downey Jr.

plugged another of his projects.

“ ‘Iron Man 3’ is probably the best script I’ve read in five years, which is so funny,” he said. “I mean, things have come so full-circle that a genre superhero movie can actually be the most artistic bit of writing I read.”

“Sherlock” opens Friday. Downey will appear as Ol’ Shellhead in “The Avengers,” around May 4. And “Iron Man 3” is slated for 2013.



Uma Thurman

will play a famous movie star on NBC’s upcoming musical drama “Smash,” reports


• Bad news for the two fans of ABC’s

“Man Up.”

It’s off the schedule. The remaining five episodes have no planned airdate.



has lost nearly a quarter of its audience this season. Fox says the show is simply settling into a “more realistic number.”

Damaged Daryl Norman Reedus,

who plays Daryl on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” lets


in on the reasons for his character’s attachment to Sophia.

“There’s a backstory with Daryl that he was a beaten child and he was (abandoned), and I’m really trying to play that up,” he said. “He’s a very damaged person.”

Reedus says Sophia’s fate sets him back in certain ways.

“He reacts violently to anything emotional,” he says. “He’s looked upon more as one of the leaders now . He’s not super thrilled about it.”

Sailors vs. Aliens?

Like everyone else in the world, when we heard

Peter Berg

was directing a film based on the board game


we thought, “What the what?”

But Berg explains.

“I’m the son of a World War II and a naval fanatic,” he told Aint It Cool News. “My father was all about ships, all about World War II battles. I think I got my only A in high school on a paper I wrote about why Japan lost the battle of Midway and what would’ve happened had they won that battle.”

But Berg tells the site rather than rehash the old stuff, he went a different direction.

“We’re making a film about a Navy that engages aliens," he says.

We remain unconvinced. The film is scheduled to open May 18.