Stargazing | ‘Glee’ star’s father murdered; blackface costume makes trouble

‘Glee’ star’s father murdered Ricky Pempengco

, the estranged father of singer

Charice Pempengco

, was stabbed to death earlier this week in the Philippines. Charice, who plays Sunshine Corazon in a recurring role on “Glee,” apologized to fans via Twitter for missing concerts this week so she could go home and be with her family.

Her father, a 40-year-old construction worker, was in a grocery store south of Manila when he accidentally brushed against a drunk man who got angry and stabbed him in the chest and back with an ice pick.

Never a good idea

Remember this for next Halloween, boys and girls.

NHL forward

Raffi Torres

of the Phoenix Coyotes used questionable judgment this week when he darkened his skin with makeup to portray


at a Halloween costume party. His wife played a pregnant



One of Raffi’s teammates tweeted the pictures on Monday, and the reaction was harsh and swift. “Seriously people, don’t do it, don’t wear black-face on Halloween, or ever. It’s stupid, it’s ignorant, and it just doesn’t fly,” commented one poster.

The Coyotes stuck by Torres with this statement:

“There was absolutely nothing racist about Raffi and his wife’s costumes. Raffi is a huge fan of Jay-Z, and his wife loves Beyonce. It was a Halloween party. The fact that this was reported is ridiculous. We will have no further comment.”

Dinner with Jimmy

Watch out, Washington. The White House Correspondents’ Association has chosen

Jimmy Kimmel

to host its annual star-and-politico-studded dinner next April.

Seth Meyers

memorably hosted this year’s dinner, where he took direct aim at

Donald Trump

, who was in the audience, during all that Obama birther controversy.

Jimmy issued a statement saying he’s looking forward to the gig. “I love dinner,” he said.

They iron his what?

A new book by royal watcher

Brian Hoey

offers plenty of dish on life at Buckingham Palace:


The Prince of Wales

has never picked up his own clothes or undressed himself — he has three valets to take care of his clothes. One of the valets irons the prince’s shoelaces whenever his shoes are taken off.

• For

President Obama

’s state visit in May, palace officials researched what kind of toilet paper the first lady preferred — right down to thickness and color — their favorite flowers and whether they preferred duvets or sheets and blankets.

• About 1,200 men and women work in all five royal residences in jobs that include fender mender, head coffee-room maid and the dude who replaces a sheet of black blotting paper on the queen’s desk every day so no one can read her handwriting by looking at the indentations on the writing pad.

Kardashian fallout

Openly gay former “Star Trek” actor

George Takei

took offense to the

Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries

divorce news this week.

“Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days. Another example of how same-sex marriage is destroying the sanctity of the very institution,” he tweeted.

A new Bond mate

Britain’s Daily Mail reports that

Albert Finney

has joined the already stellar cast of

Sam Mendes

’ upcoming James Bond flick. The 75-year-old Finney will play a high-ranking intelligence official.

Daniel Craig

will once again play Bond.

Ralph Fiennes


Javier Bardem

are also attached to the project, with both expected to square off against 007.

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow

Run, don’t walk, to The New York Times website to read the



Mona Simpson


Steve Jobs

’ sister, read at his Oct. 16 memorial service. Simpson, a novelist and UCLA professor, poured her heart into her words — and broke ours when we read them. (We’ve linked to it at