Victoria Gotti's Long Island mansion in foreclosure

Maybe "Growing Up Gotti" was as good as it got?

Court records show that JP Morgan is foreclosing on the $4.2 million Long Island mansion of Mafia daughter

Victoria Gotti

, the same house used in her reality show, "Growing Up Gotti," from 2004 to 2005.

The New York Post reports that Gotti missed two years of payments worth about $650,000 on a loan secured by a mortgage on the house. Gotti, 46, is the daughter of late reputed mob boss

John Gotti


"I was awarded full ownership of marital property ... and all I inherited was a house with millions of dollars worth of debt," Gotti told the Post. "This should finally put to rest all the government lies and rumors that I have $200 million buried in my backyard."

Gotti's mother charged that her daughter's ex-husband,

Carmine Agnello

, took out the mortgage without Victoria knowing about it. The Post said Agnello's attorneys declined to comment.

| Posted by Lisa Gutierrez, The Star