Rachael Ray calls (appropriately enough) Raytown

Rachael Ray

" show featured a "Kitchen Call" to Jessica Gattenby of Raytown.

To be honest I'm not sure how a Kitchen Call usually works, but in this case Jessica had apparently made a recipe sent in by another viewer, and Rachael was calling to see how it turned out. The dish's name sounded OK -- pasta frittata -- but essentially it's last night's leftover spaghetti and your morning eggs all mixed up together. Kinda makes my stomach turn to think about it.

Jessica and daughter Mariah, however, liked it, so maybe it's worth a try. Here's the


(or at least a similar one) from Ray's site.

Unlike Oprah and her Skype calls, this call was low-tech: As Jessica (and Mariah) talked to Rachael on the telephone, viewers saw a picture of mom, daughter and the spaghetti eggs.

Best of all for Jessica: The show is sending her $500. Apparently an actual check, not just Nabisco products and Rachael Ray cookbooks.

| Tim Engle,