Will Tom Hanks be 'Angel' or 'Demon" in Speedo?

Tom Hanks

in a Speedo.

Tom Hanks wearing a Speedo?

Still not sure what to think of that yet.

Guess we'll have to see it ourselves later this week when Hanks, in Speedos, pops up on the big screen in

Ron Howard

's thriller "Angels Demons."


Brian Grazer

first let it slip last fall that Hanks has a "scene where he's swimming in Speedos, and he looks fantastic," Grazer said. "He's going to add 10 years to his career with that scene alone, just watch."

In a recent interview Hanks revealed that he hired a “Baywatch” extra to teach him how to swim for that scene. “I thought I knew how to swim. Go into the pool, go back and forth," he said. "But I quickly learned I didn’t know how to swim at all — at least not according to my coach.”

The 52-year-old actor was reassured that a body double could do the water scene, but Hanks reportedly said no thanks. “I said, ‘Not on your life, Ron Howard! If anyone’s getting into that Speedo, it’s going to be me!”

Apparently he's no stranger to the skin-tight swim trunks. Hanks recently suggested to British talk show host Jonathan Ross that wearing Speedos is a trick he uses to go unnoticed on European beaches.

"Speedos - you Europeans have a thing - the shame that you do not exude when you wear a Speedo is to be congratulated. In America, you'd be persecuted, you'd be arrested, you'd be hounded out of town," he told Ross.

"Americans, when we go to the beach, we try to wear big baggy shorts that go from here all the way down below our knees, with pockets in them for our glasses and surf wax.

"When you come to Europe on vacation and you don't want to be identified as an American, you wear a Speedo and everybody thinks you're from Belgium."

| Posted by Lisa Gutierrez, The Star