LA Times releases Farrah Fawcett interview, video from last year

Farrah Fawcett

in August 2008, the only media interview she granted after being diagnosed with anal cancer in September 2006.

The newspaper said it agreed to withhold the interview until now because Fawcett's camp wanted to tie it to the two-hour NBC documentary, "Farrah's Story," that will air Friday.

"There will be a good time, and what I have to say then will be more important," Fawcett said in August, before her condition deteriorated.

At the time, Fawcett was angry with the National Enquirer for publishing leaked information about her illness, including some that she said were false.

Reacting to a December 2006 story headlined, "Farrah Begs: 'Let Me Die,' " Fawcett told the Times: "God, I would never say something like that. To think that people who did look up to me and felt positive because I was going through it too and yet I was strong … it just negated all that."

In the interview she criticized UCLA Medical Center for failing to protect her medical records from snooping employees. She told the newspaper that she set up a real-life sting operation to prove to UCLA that an employee was leaking her medical information to the tabloid.

She also talked about the lack of privacy during her 2½-year-battle with cancer. "It's much easier to go through something and deal with it without being under a microscope," she said. "It was stressful. I was terrified of getting the chemo. It's not pleasant. And the radiation is not pleasant."

"It becomes your life," she said. "People call, 'How are you?' 'How do you feel?' 'We're praying for you.' 'Do you still have your hair?' 'What do you feel like?' When every single call is that kind of call . . . it's all you talk about. It's all-consuming. Then, your quality of life is never the same."

Read the entire story and see video here.

| Posted by Lisa Gutierrez, The Star