Miss California Carrie Prejean follows Rihanna's lead: Take down the nude pics

Rihanna Carrie Prejean

is trying to get a web site to take down those semi-nude photos of her.

TMZ reported on Sunday that Prejean's lawyer fired off a cease and desist letter to demanding that the site take down two photos of a topless Prejean posing for the camera.

It's the same cease-and-desist threat that Rihanna's lawyers filed Friday regarding several nude photos of a woman who looks a lot like the singer that hit the Internet last week.

In Prejean's letter, her lawyer writes, "One of the displayed images of Ms. Prejean was illegally taken under false pretenses when she was a 17-year-old minor and unable to consent to its creation."

The letter goes on: "The other image depicts Ms. Prejean's likeness but is not an actual photograph. It is an electronic manipulation ("photoshopped") of her image created without her consent."

TMZ said the web site responded thus: "Your client's publicity rights are substantially inferior to the right of the public to consider, discuss, agree and/or disagree with Ms. Prejean's actions and views. This is not conduct for which your client's consent is required."

Monday is a big day for the controversial beauty queen. Officials with the California pageant are expected to hold a press conference to announce their decision on whether Prejean can keep her crown.

One clue about what might be coming: There's talk that Prejean's runner-up in the Miss California pageant will be there.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star