Donald Trump to poker champ Annie Duke: You're fired!

Annie Duke Donald Trump

looked her in the eye on "Celebrity Apprentice" and uttered those fatal words: "You're fired."

But she should have seen it coming. By the end of the three-hour season finale

Joan Rivers

had the live audience cheering for her. (We think it was the emotional video of her delivering meals door-to-door for her charity.)


Dennis Rodman

, a teammate of Duke's during the final challenge, told Trump that he would choose "my girl" Joan Rivers to win.

We'll let all the Monday morning quarterbacks sound off on whether Trump chose wisely, or fairly. But here's one sign that Trump knew exactly what he was doing in choosing the savvy business veteran over the nerves-of-steel poker champ.

Rivers has been selling her line of costume jewelry on QVC for years. And if any QVC shoppers had bothered to look at the home shopping network's web site Sunday night, they would have found that the very beaded necklace Rivers was wearing on the finale show was for sale there.

Yep. It's Item No. J140949, the Joan Rivers Grande Finale 16-inch necklace with a 3-inch extender, yours at an introductory price of $79.92 or three easy payments of $26.64.

See it here.

In fact, Joan will be on QVC Monday to sell her new "Boardroom Collection." That would be all the jewelry she's been wearing on "Celebrity Apprentice."

And that's what they call in Vegas a royal flush.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star