'Idol' boot-ee Allison Iraheta on who her fans should vote for

Allison Iraheta,

kicked off "American Idol" this week, did a conference call with a group of (mostly) fawning reporters. I don't read the transcripts enough to know if the journos always do this, but several told A.I. (hey!) that she was their fave. Of course, they may say the same to whomever is booted next.

Anyway, which of the Top 3 Idol wannabes deserves Allison's fans' support? Here's her answer:

"Well, you know what, they’ve got to vote for whoever they think is awesome. It’s so crazy, this competition, because everybody is so different.

"So it’s like, if you find someone that is awesome and you like and you can totally connect to, you go and vote for them, because they’re going to be the next American Idol, and they’re going to be great."

If music doesn't work out for her, she should get into politics.

Also, as you may have already noticed,

Adam Lambert

is on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly. The mag proclaims him "the most exciting 'American Idol' contestant in years ... and not just because he might be gay."

| Tim Engle,