‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ star Liev Schreiber hates his action figure

Liev Schreiber

plays the vicious Sabretooth, who is no doubt named after the extinct beast.

Too bad Schreiber says his all-important action figure incarnation looks like a common tree-rodent.

He says “not that I'm not excited to finally have an action figure after all these years, but I want to know what compelled the designers of this action figure to … make me look like an angry squirrel? You can almost see the nuts (in the mouth)!"

The actor, who has sired two boys with actress

Naomi Watts

, does say his eldest (aged 21-months) likes the toy: “He has a bag of toys, that he calls the turtle bag, that he puts his favorite toys in and it took a tense 15 minutes (before he put it in the bag)."

I’m just glad someone with some acting chops portrayed Sabretooth this time around, and not

Tyler Mane

, who portrayed him in 2000’s “X-Men.”

| Eric Winkler,