Derek Hough to get Footloose?

Derek Hough

, the blonde cutie with the swivel hips on "Dancing with the Stars," says he's "met with people" concerning a role in the upcoming "Footloose" remake.

The thing is,

Chace Crawford
Kevin Bacon


Hough would not tell E! Online whether he was up for the role of Ren, but we know lots of "Dancing" fans who would cast their vote for him to dance in Bacon's footsteps.

It's not like Hough doesn't know the steps. He played Ren in the 2006 West End production of "Footloose the Musical."

"Footloose is definitely really close to me," he told E!. "I would love to be a part of something like that."

The only roadblock: His sister,

Julianne Hough

, is said to be a leading contender to play Ren's love interest.


"If the Footloose thing doesn't work out, I'm still excited about whatever could come our way with the dancing, the singing and the acting," Derek Hough said. "Like Hugh Jackman said at the Oscars, 'Musicals are back!'"