A second racy pic of Miss California Carrie Prejean surfaces

A second topless photo of Miss California Carrie Prejean has been released by, days after Prejean promised the state pageant that there was only one such photo in existence.

The news that more racy photos might exist of their beauty queen had stunned California's state pageant officials.

Prejean has been the center of controversy ever since expressing her anti-gay marriage sentiments at the Miss USA pageant last month.

And, in a this-just-keeps-getting-weirder twist, TMZ reported on Thursday that Prejean's own father might be gay, according to allegations that surfaced during her parents' divorce in 1988.

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Prejean told pageant officials that only one provocative photo existed - the one first posted at earlier this week. But the second photo, similiar to the first, was posted Thursday.

TMZ reported that Prejean sent an e-mail to

Keith Lewis

, co-director for the Miss California USA pageant, saying, "This was when I was 17 years old. I was a minor. It was when I was first getting into the modeling world, being naive, and young. I shouldnt (sic) have taken the photo of me in my underwear. There are no other photos of me. This was the only one I took."

But on Wednesday, pageant officials learned that at least three other racy pics exist.

"I'm absolutely stunned. This completely changes things for us," Lewis said in a statement to "Access Hollywood."

"Yesterday, we thought she had explained things accurately. We need to revisit this issue with her."

Prejean signed a contract stating she has never been photographed nude or partially nude and the Miss California USA Organization told "Access" they will meet with runner-up Miss Malibu

Tami Farrell

in the next few days, suggesting she may soon be taking over the title of Miss California from Prejean.

Farrell told

Billy Bush