'Jaws' for a new generation? 'Piranha 3-D' grabs another Hollywood star

We are so marking March 19, 2010 on our calendar.

Flesh-eating fish with teeth that can strip a man right down to the bone?

Goofy 3-D glasses?

Does the movie experience get any cheesier, er, better than that?

Jerry O'Connell

has reportedly been added to the surprisingly growing list of stars signed up for "Piranha 3-D," a remake of the 1978 cult classic terror flick about a lakeside town terrorized by prehistoric razor-teeth fish during spring break.

Already lined up for the

Alexandre Aja Elisabeth Shue Ving Rhames
Adam Scott Jessica Szohr Richard Dreyfuss

are also in it.

(Szohr landed the role of Kelly, a hot young townie. What a stretch.)


Mark Canton

recently told MTV that "we realized that with the advent of 3-D that we thought we could make the ultimate 'Jaws' for this generation.”

Ah, that explains Dreyfuss.

Filming starts next week in Lake Havasu, Arizona with a March 19, 2010 release planned.

So look out.

They're here. They're hungry.

Watch the trailer for the original flick here.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star