Bristol Palin joins teen pregnancy prevention campaign

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- to campaign for The Candies Foundation against teen pregnancy.

The foundation announced Tuesday that new teen mom Bristol, the unwed 18-year-old daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, will be a teen ambassador for National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy on May 6.

She will participate in a town hall meeting Wednesday in New York that will include

Ann Shoket

, the editor of Seventeen magazine.

"I feel that I could be a living example of the consequences of teen pregnancy." Bristol said in a statement. "If I can prevent even one girl from getting pregnant, I will feel a sense of accomplishment."

She gave birth Dec. 27 to a boy named Tripp. She and the boy’s father, Levi Johnston, are separated.

The mission of The Candie’s Foundation - yes, it's the Candie's shoe folks - is to educate America’s youth about the consequences of teen pregnancy through celebrity public service announcements and other projects.

Campaign slogans have included: "Be Sexy: It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Have Sex;" "Not Really the Way You Pictured Your First Crib" and "You Think Being in School Sucks."

Late last year, USA Today pulled a full-page PSA from the foundation that featured pictures of Bristol and fellow teen mom

Jamie Lynn Spears

, citing fear of offending readers.

The foundation encourages abstinence as pregnancy prevention among teen girls. (One of their new T-shirt slogans: "I'm Sexy Enough ... To Keep You Waiting.")

Hmmm. We already know Bristol's thought on that topic. She told Fox News in February that abstinence "is not realistic at all" for young people.

"Everyone should wait 10 years," Bristol said in that interview. "I hope people learn from my story ... It's so much easier if you're married, have a house and career. It's not a situation you want to strive for."

See part of that interview below.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star