Guy Fieri imposter interviewed during Royals telecast

Not to take away from

Zack Greinke

’s masterful shutout, but a

Guy Fieri

imposter was interviewed on-air last night during Fox Sports Net’s broadcast of the Royals game.

Guy Fieri, for those who don’t know, is the Food Network host of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." He travels the country visiting these places. He


been to Kansas City before.

A call to PR person Rebecca Brooks confirmed it: It wasn’t Guy!

The imposter gave interviewer

Joel Goldberg

’s questions short, rude, one-word answers. He was acting like he wanted no part of the interview. He took a

phone call

during the interview. It was no doubt from his buddy Cletus, who said something like “hey, Buford, I see you on TV!”

My wife’s first reaction was “he looks awful!” It sounded nothing like Fieri. I have seen Fieri in the crowd at various sporting events before, though.

I was determined to never watch his show again, but at least it wasn’t really him. If you know who it was, shoot me an email.

I've always considered the real Fieri to be something of an imposter too, though. Until he visits Columbia's Broadway Diner and orders a "Stretch," I don't consider his show to be legit.

| Eric Winkler,

UPDATE: News has reached Guy himself. He's posted to his Twitter. You can view it

by clicking here