Victoria Principal files counter lawsuit in doggie doo case

What would Miss Ellie say?

Victoria Principal

, who played Pam Ewing on "Dallas," is being sued by a former maid accusing Principal of threatening her with a gun after the woman walked Principal's pooch one night.

Principal filed her own lawsuit Tuesday, claiming the maid injured her dog and threatened both her and another worker in the incident at Principal's Malibu home.

According to the maid's complaint filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Principal fired housekeeper

Maribel Banegas

on Dec. 26 and told her to leave after accusing her of staying away from the house for too long with the dog.

The maid's story: That the dog took long doing its, uh, business.

Principal then went upstairs and came back with a gun in her hand, according to the maid's lawsuit. The 59-year-old actress then allegedly aimed the weapon at Banegas and threatened to kill her, even asking another housekeeper who was in the room to step aside so that she could shoot Banegas, the lawsuit claims.

Believing her "death by shooting" was imminent, Banegas locked herself in another room and called 911, her lawsuit states. The lawsuit says that Principal stood outside the door the whole time, continuing to threaten the maid. Police responded to the call.

Principal's lawsuit states that she pulled the gun only after Banegas injured her dog and was acting aggressively toward the actress and another worker. She claims Banegas repeatedly demanded money during an argument and refused to leave her home.

According to Principal’s lawsuit, she hired Banegas from a temp agency and the woman was only employed with her for three days.

Principal’s lawsuit claims Banegas took her dog on Dec. 26, and that when she returned with it an hour later, the dog was “visibly choking and shaking.” The suit states she and Banegas got into a shouting match, and that it was the worker’s aggressive behavior that compelled her to grab her gun.

Principal is suing for several claims including trespass, civil extortion and animal cruelty. Her lawsuit states that Banegas’ treatment caused her dog to have weight loss and “significant injuries,” including vertebrae damage.

For being assaulted and suffering emotional distress, Banegas is suing for lost wages and unspecified damages. Neither lawsuit specifies exact damages being sought.