TV Guide fans: Dump Kara DioGuardi from 'American Idol'

Kara DioGuardi

has felt this season as the fourth, and hotly debated, judge at the "American Idol" table.

Now comes this news: Nearly 60 percent of voters want her gone.

Though DioGuardi brought plenty of credible music industry insight to the panel, 59 percent of voters would rather the show not renew DioGuardi's one-season contract. Three judges are enough, they said.

Six percent of voters believe a fourth judge isn't a bad idea, but they would prefer someone other than DioGuardi next season.

But all is not lost. Thirty-five percent of voters suggest that DioGuardi has added value to the show.

Hopefully she'll focus on that part. DioGuardi, named last week to People magazine's Most Beautiful List, told that magazine that she suffers from various insecurities.

"I face them every day," DioGuardi, who recently admitted to battling an eating disorder, told People. "When I was trying to be an artist, people would say, 'Maybe you need to lose a little weight; your nose is too big.' When it's time to go on stage, I think, 'Shave [down] your nose!'"

She confessed to other body issues: "I'm most insecure about my legs and my knees. They're kind of big. I'm not someone who wears a lot of shorts and short skirts."

Now that she's a grown woman, she said she feels more comfortable with herself. "If I look at pictures of me in my 20s, there are things that looked out there, my nose was too big, but I feel like I've grown into my looks," she says. "This is what I'm supposed to look like."