West Wing reality TV: Behind the scenes with the White House press corps

Tammy Haddad David Adler

of BizBash Media have launched a “micro niche” web site devoted to the White House press corps.

Now you get to watch the watchers. will include live streaming from the briefing room, coverage of Robert Gibbs’ press conferences and stories about the press staff and star correspondents. It’s no accident that the site is going up right before the big dinner next Friday, which will be hosted by Wanda Sykes.

It’s already a fun read.

Check it out here.

About Sykes: “The stand-up comedian known for her in-your-face and sometimes raunchy sense of humor once worked at the super-secret NSA, the signals intelligence operation located in Maryland, just north of Washington. (You know, the one that can listen in on your phone calls without a warrant?)”

President Obama promised the most transparent presidency in U.S. history, “and our promise is to get you as close as possible to the axis of the White House and the media,” Haddad, the site’s editor-in-chief, told Variety.

“The intense interest in the White House Correspondents weekend, and the news stories that develop from those events, are a natural jumping off point to explain and explore the White House briefing room’s inner workings.”

We’re hoping to see lots of red-carpet pics from the dinner, which has actually involved into a weekend-long string of functions. As per tradition, each news organization invites a Hollywood figure or other person of infamy to the dinner. (Who knew?)

The list so far includes: