Kelly McGillis: "I'm done with the man thing."

Kelly McGillis

, the woman who got

Tom Cruise

's blood boiling in "Top Gun," says she's in the market for a female partner.

In an interview with the Internet show Girl Rock!, the single, twice-divorced mother of two said she's looking for "definitely a woman."

"'I'm done with the man thing. You need to move on in life," said McGillis, 51.

The actress said coming out as a lesbian was "an ongoing process from the time I was probably 12."

She added that "I had a lot of things happen that convinced me that God was punishing me because I was gay."

She was attacked and raped in her apartment in 1982 when she was a young actress working in New York.

On screen she has portrayed an Amish widow opposite

Harrison Ford

in "Witness" and starred in "Made in Heaven," and "The Accused" with

Jodie Foster


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