A 'Twilight' hottie is born: Boyhood pic of Robert Pattinson surfaces

His nickname as a boy was Patty. His sisters used to dress him up as a girl and introduce him as Claudia.

Who are we talking about? None other than that dreamy blood-sucker Edward Cullen -

Robert Pattinson


It was all part of growing up as a shy boy in a cozy Victorian home in London's Barnes neighborhood. The current issue of Life Style magazine examines Pattinson's earliest days before he became the "Twilight" hottie.

“Rob’s gobsmacked [British for astounded] by all the attention he’s getting,” his aunt,

Diana Nutley

, tells the magazine. “He’s very cool about it all, but he can’t believe it either.”

Pattinson himself says that all the attention he gets now is "mind-bending."

“You do tend to get a little bit paranoid when you’re walking down the street and looking around, just in case you’re getting mobbed by teenage girls," he says.

The magazine has even more childhood pics.