Scarlett Johansson has best breasts in Hollywood

In what was no doubt a contest of the utmost historical significance, Access Hollywood has deemed actress (and vocalist on an awful album of Tom Waits covers)

Scarlett Johansson

to have the best breasts in Hollywood. Rounding out the list are

Salma Hayek


Halle Berry


Jessica Simpson

, and

Jennifer Love Hewitt


I’m not sure if Access Hollywood commissioned a scientific study or how exactly they determined the list. They probably could have just asked any warm-blooded male in America.

Who can forget Scarlett showing them off at the 2006 Golden Globes (pictured)? Red carpet interviewer/fashion designer

Isaac Mizrahi

couldn’t keep his hands off of them – and he's gay. Apparently she wasn't pleased with this. He’s lucky she didn’t punch him in the nose or grab


in an inappropriate place.

| Eric Winkler,