Nothing "Lost" in 100th episode

Trevan McGee

, our resident "Lost" expert and web producer for Ink magazine, watched last night's 100th episode.

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Episode 14, “The Variable”

Happy 100th episode Lost.

Tonight, Lost continued shedding light on the Freighter people, this time giving us some much needed time with

Daniel Faraday

, which considering the only other freighty still alive just got his episode, makes Faraday the only choice.

You have to respect Lost’s dedicated focus on its story. The show’s centennial episode could have been more action packed, forgoing some of the finer moments in favor of bigger setpieces or epic reveals, but it didn’t. “Variables” was a smart, character-driven episode that moved some fairly large pieces into place, but still managed to hold attention, with few major points of interest, save the episode’s conclusion.

This was due largely to

Jeremy Davies

. Since Faraday’s arrival on The Island, Davies has played him with a mousy vulnerability. Like many of his other roles, Faraday meek and jittery, a shifty character whose erratic behavior makes him hard to read and harder to trust. This adds a level intrigue to the character, which he needed, considering how under utilized he was during most of season four.

But once the writers saw fit to shed some light on Faraday, Davies handled the character perfectly, particularly during Charlotte’s death and a later scene where he, still grieving, spotted a young Charlotte was heartbreaking. Davies conveyed the sense of desperation and helplessness that comes with knowing someone’s fate and being unable to change it perfectly. While he’ll likely pop up in flashbacks or flashforwards or whatever, “Variables” was Faraday’s swan song. And Davies did an expert job.

After catching word that Jack, Kate and Hurley have made their way back to The Island, Faraday returns to set things right. It turns out that during all of his talk about constants, he forgot about variables (Hey, that’s the name of the show!), namely, people. Faraday, in a complete 180, believes he can change the future if he appeals to The Others and use Jughead, that buried H-bomb from early in the season, to release the energy around The Hatch (or rather, where The Hatch will one day be) and keep any of the events –– the crashing of 815, Desmond’s fate of constant button pushing and that unfortunate bout of time travel everyone is currently struggling with.

Meanwhile, off The Island we’re given some foresight into Faraday’s life. In a Lost first, Faraday doesn’t have daddy issues. He has mommy issues. Eloise Hawking pushed young Daniel about as hard as any mother could, keeping him on task for some valuable work he has to do.

And apparently that valuable work is die. Faraday approaches The Others’ camp, demands to speak to his mother (called it) and is mortally wounded, dying on the ground as the show fades out. It’s a sad surprising moment, but what it really does is raise a question: What is so valuable that Eloise Hawking is willing to send her son to The Island, knowing full well that he’ll die?

That answer might take some time, but it’ll be one worth answering.


• Sawyer’s going to get tortured. For the second time in the show’s history.

• I’m pretty sure Jack and Kate are going to blow The Hatch site and what do you bet that it releases the energy anyway?

• Goodbye Faraday.