Jessica Biel’s 'Powder Blue' to go straight-to-DVD

Jessica Biel Powder Blue

” a movie about “four strangers connected by loss” is set to go straight to dvd.

The producers of this film were probably hoping for more, what with Academy Award-winning

Forest Whitaker

also on board.

It wouldn’t be the first time this sort of thing has happened to Jessica, though. She did appear in 2005’s “Stealth” with Oscar-winner

Jamie Foxx

. That film made it to the theaters and was one of the biggest money-losers of all time.

Buzz seems to be that Miss Biel will appear nude in the film. It stands to reason – she plays a stripper.

That brings to mind her photo shoot in Gear magazine many years ago – which she did in an attempt to shed her wholesome image garnered from appearing on “7th Heaven.”

She might want to pick her movies more wisely, lest she end up being remembered merely as

Justin Timberlake

’s girlfriend, or just another pretty face (albeit an extremely pretty one at that).

| Eric Winkler,