Niagara Falls tourists get glimpse of another natural wonder: Brad Pitt

See. Hollywood stars are just like the rest of us.


Visitors at Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side, got a little extra something to write home about on Saturday as they ran into none other than Sexiest Man Alive Brad Pitt, two of his sons and his parents on the Maid of the Mist boat.

As reported by The Buffalo News, Pitt was there with sons Maddox and Pax, his parents, Bill and Jane, and, natch, his bodyguards.

Angelina Jolie wasn't with them. She's been in Albany, New York shooting scenes for the thriller "Salt."

The paper reports that Pitt remained largely unnoticed, mixing into the crowd like any other dad enjoying the sites with his family. Any other dad, that is, who wears dark, Hollywood-sized sunglasses and the hood of a sweat shirt pulled over his head like the Unabomber.

Arriving in a black SUV with tinted windows, the family was discreetly escorted to the front of the line of people waiting to board the Maid of the Mist, the tourist boat that ferries visitors so close to the falls that they have to wear protective plastic capes. And yes, Mr. Sexy wore one of the goofy blue jackets like everyone else.

As their bodyguards watched, the family took photos of each other and the falls from the boat's upper deck. Most of the people onboard seemed oblivious to the celebrity in their mist, er, midst, the paper reported.

U.S. border officers told the paper that Pitt was very pleasant as he crossed through the checkpoint at the Rainbow Bridge.ood

Good ol' Missouri manners.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star