Joan and Melissa Rivers 'Celebrity Apprentice' meltdown: Nazis, dumb blondes and white-trash poker players


we should of been watching "The Celebrity Apprentice" all along.

Joan Rivers Melissa
Donald Trump

fired Melissa on Sunday night's episode.

Rivers’ targets: poker champ

Annie Duke Brande Roderick


Or, in Joan Rivers' mama-bear estimation: The "white trash" poker player and the "stupid blonde."

(Yeah, now she's got poker players ticked off at her, too.)

What prompted the scene? Melissa, who called the two women "pit vipers," claimed the two formed an alliance against her - think high-school clique - leading to her firing.

Instead of leaving the building after Trump fired her, Melissa went straight to mama, lobbing f-bombs along the way at show producers wanting to interview her.

Between the edited profanity, the words “whore” and “pit vipers” were audible. Passing Duke and Roderick in the hallway, Melissa bid them goodbye with another f-bomb.

That was on Sunday night's episode. On Monday, Melissa told New York's Daily News that she had reached a breaking point. "That had been brewing for a while," she told the paper. "That was real emotion, absolutely real emotion."

She said she exploded because she was exhausted after a long shooting day, but also because she felt she had been personally attacked for weeks. "I said what every woman who has felt picked on wanted to say," Melissa said.

"I kept all my emotions under control in the boardroom. Am I pleased I blew up? No. Did I say what I think a lot of people wanted to say to the clique that threw them under the bus? Absolutely."

Once Melissa was kicked off, Joan, competing on the opposing team, walked off too, and now everyone's wondering if she'll be back in next Sunday's episode.

"It was quite an evening," Trump told

Regis Philbin

on Monday's "Live With Regis Kelly."

The incident became a "Hot Topics" on ABC's "The View" Monday, where

Joy Behar

joked: "Don't screw around with Joan Rivers."

We'll be watching for sure next Sunday.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star