Pink: My ‘Funhouse’ isn’t anything like Britney’s ‘Circus’

Lip-synching dance music versus rock and roll “group therapy.”

Pink Britney Spears

’ current “The Circus” road show.

Both shows have high-flying dancers and acrobats. Both are based on the title of their latest album; Pink’s came out first last year.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Pink said she probably would have chosen a different theme if she’d known “certain other people were going to base their latest thing about circus things.

“I was six months before that and didn’t really understand that it was a trend that was happening. I’m pretty out of the loop.”

Here’s more from that interview:

AP: Lots of musicians have used the circus for inspiration. Why do you think artists connect with circuses?

Pink: All of us when we were little probably wanted to run away and join the circus because it’s full of what mainstream society considers freakish and the outcasts, and it’s kind of sexy and exciting and big and over the top.

AP: There’s been talk that you and

Corey Hart

are getting back together and even remarrying. Is that true?

Pink: I don’t know where the remarriage thing came from. That kind of came out of the air. We are definitely back together.

AP: What did you take away from your time apart?

Pink: We try to protect ourselves from being fully in love and fully open and fully vulnerable, and really all we’re doing is protecting ourselves from love and real love and the opportunity to really learn and grow with another person, so it’s actually really detrimental, and you think it’s helping.

AP: So your advice would be ...

Pink: Dive in. Absolutely, it’s not going to kill you.

AP: So would you remarry?

Pink: We never really legally got divorced. Paperwork for both of us is really annoying (laughs). So we’re choosing to be together. Our role models are Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn -- people who just choose to be together every day because they want to be there. And labels have never been our thing, so, we’re just diving into that empty swimming pool, headfirst.