Shake and bake: How the "Dancing" stars get those special glows

Maybe the tans make them lighter on their feet?

Melanie Mills Marc Malkin

at E! Online that, with each passing season, the celebrity dancers and their pro partners are becoming more and more fond of spray tanning.

"Edyta and Karina are my worst culprits," Mills said. "Not only do they do spray tanning, but they do the sun beds, too!

"Because we have the spray tanning set up on the second floor of a CBS building and it's this florescent, hideous lighting, it's this completely shocker experience for them. But once they get through it the first time, they're absolutely addicted. Even four seasons later, people that I've spray-tanned then are still calling me."

Mills, also a spokeswoman for St. Tropez, is referring to "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star

Kim Kardashian Jane Seymour Cameron Mathison

(Season 5), all huge fans of spray tanning.

"It's funny and a big laugh. They want it, but they're trying to be manly," Mills said of the men who have become fond of spray tanning, including Mathison and (our favorite this season) current-season frontrunner

Gilles Marini


As for the other frontrunner this season, Mills dished about a traumatic tanning incident involving

Shawn Johnson


"Shawn Johnson I think was into it even before the show," she said. "There was a point where we were spray-tanning her and then she went and got spray-tanned again by somebody else and it left all these odd markings. We had to spend a lot of time trying to exfoliate all those markings off and then having to re-spray her and even it out. She was like, 'OK, I've learned the hard way."

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star