Oprah: "This is not a weave, this is my hair!"

Oprah Winfrey

just puts it out there sometimes.

And on Friday's episode of "Oprah Fridays Live," it was a picture of her hair - in its natural, unstyled state - that caused even best friend

Gayle King

to yell, 'Yowzer!"

Why'd she show it?

Because Oprah just joined the Twitter nation and said that one topic that seems to fascinate her "Tweeple" is her hair.

"Am I wearing a weave? Everybody's like, 'Oprah, we love your weave,'" she said, before flashing a photo of herself with pre-ironed, pre-curled hair to set the record straight.

Yep, no weave there.

Love those moments.

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star