Another Star Trek? Count Nimoy in

Sure, he’ll do another.

After a 19-year absence,

Leonard Nimoy J.J. Abrams

’ new “Star Trek” prequel, set to premiere May 8.

Nimoy stars opposite

Zachary Quinto

, who plays a younger version of the half-Vulcan, half-human science officer. Quinto is better-known as the supernatural serial killer Sylar on “Heroes.”

Paramount Pictures expects the movie to do so well that it’s already preparing a sequel to the as-yet-released flick. And if they want him, Nimoy says he’s in.

“If J.J. Abrams calls me, I answer the phone. I don’t say ’never’ anymore,” he says.Still, he says, it’s “too early to speculate” about anything.

“The character is much more relaxed about who he is and what his life should be about whereas (younger Spock) is just beginning to find himself,” said Nimoy of the movie’s mature Spock.

“It works extremely well. The character I portray in this film is much more like who I am today, personally. I am as close as possible to the character as I could ever be.”

Except, of course, the pointy ears.

We think.

|Lisa Gutierrez, The Star