Mike Tyson: Yeah I hit a woman, but I'll never do it again

Mike Tyson Rihanna Chris Brown


(And I'm sure his ex,

Robin Givens

would agree with me.)

But, given that a new documentary about the former heavyweight champ - "Tyson" - opens on Friday, and that MTV News got him to opine about Chris Brown, I suppose it's timely enough.

So here's a sample of what Tyson told MTV reporters this week.

When asked about Brown, Tyson said, "My personal opinion about that is, he’s just a baby. He’s just a little baby that don’t know how to handle his emotions when it comes to a woman.

"And he probably hears this and thinks, ’I know how to handle my emotions’; we all think we do. But the fact [is], you look at this person and you might be crazy in love, but we don’t know how to handle those feelings."

He pointed out a different male mindset prevalent today. "Now you’re a fly guy and a cool guy, you have this pimp mentality. You have to be hard like that."

Tyson was also extremely contrite about his own history of violence toward women. "You can’t abuse them," he said. "It’s really sick what you [can] do. She has a space in your heart and you believe you care about her more than anybody in the world.

"Do I think it’s right to beat up a woman? No — hell no. Have I hit a woman before? Hell yeah. Was I wrong? Hell yeah. I’m a product of that environment. Do I regret ever doing that? Hell yeah. Would I do it again? Never."

|Lisa Gutierrez, The Star