A (R)ed flag for Christian Bale’s “Terminator Salvation”

Christian Bale profanity-laden rant

at the film’s photography director for ruining a scene.

Now, word on the Net is that the upcoming fourth installment of the “Terminator” franchise, entitled “Terminator Salvation,” will be rated the more teen-friendly PG-13 when it’s released next month. The previous three films were all rated R.

I understand why the studio does this – they think it will make more money this way. That doesn’t make it any less maddening to us hardcore fans.

This phenomenon isn’t new. They did the same thing with the banal “Alien vs. Predator,” though in that case it was


franchises-worth of R movies.

“Terminator” is about the apocalypse. It’s dark. It should be rated R!

The originals are movies for grown-ups. Even those of us who were kids when they saw them (I was 15 when I saw “Terminator 2” at the theater in 1991) are grown-ups now. We want a grown-up movie.

The studio schmucks have us over a barrel. They know that most of us will still go and see it, despite the fact we’re unhappy it’s been toned-down.

Perhaps if the fanboys don’t like the finished product, the strategy will backfire. We’ll see.

Hopefully the movie will blow us away and this will be a moot point.

| Eric Winkler,