Anna Paquin movie for Hallmark premieres in Kansas

Irena Sendler


The movie — which debuts at 8 p.m. Sunday on KCTV-5 — stars

Anna Paquin

as Sendler, a Polish social worker who helped smuggle hundreds of Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II.

Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for her efforts, Sendler died at age 98 in May 2008.

Her story came to international light after four students from Uniontown (Kansas) High School wrote a dramatic stage play about her called “Life in a Jar.” The play has since been performed thousands of time around the world.

The Hallmark-produced movie is the first time Sendler’s story has been told in a feature film. Besides Paquin, the movie stars

Marcia Gay Harden Nathaniel Parker
Goran Visnijic


Don Hall Brad Moore

, president of Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, will talk about the movie on “CBS Sunday Morning” (8 a.m. Sunday, KCTV-5) in interviews taped in Kansas City last week.

|Lisa Gutierrez, The Star