Will they be called Spinal Tap, The Folksmen or “Shearer, Guest & McKean?”

“This is Spinal Tap” is a cult-classic – and quite simply one of the funniest movies of all time.

The dudes who made up that faux heavy metal band (seen here circa 1984),

Harry Shearer Christopher Guest
Michael McKean

are reuniting and launching a 30-city tour. This time, though, they’ll be performing as themselves – i.e. not in character.

They will be performing both “Tap” and “Folksmen” (a folk band of theirs from the movie "A Mighty Wind") songs, and the tour is going to be called “Unwigged Unplugged.”

The problem for us Kansas Citians who would love to go? The closest show is in Chicago on May 30th.


Throw us a bone, people! At least come to St. Louis. It makes for a much easier drive than Chicago…

I guess our only consolation is there will be a new Tap album out in June.

| Eric Winkler,