Jillian Michaels sees "half-dead" people

Jillian Michaels

, the tough-talking personal trainer on “The Biggest Loser,’ isn’t one for holding back. So her latest assessment of contestants on the weight-loss show comes as no surprise.

“I push them really hard,” the fitness guru said this week. “They are 400 ... pounds! Hello! They are not just going to get on the treadmill and run. It doesn’t work that way.”

The contestants often need an extra push, and she’s there to give it to them, she says. “A normal person, I could be like ‘OK, mama, jump up there. Warm up five minutes.’ You’d be like, ‘OK.’

“THESE people are half-dead. I mean, it’s not the same.”

And, she defended her training style.

“People are like, ‘She’s so mean to them.’ And it’s like, ‘Really? Do you REALLY think so? Do you really watch the show?’ … Now if I was calling them names, that would be mean.”